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Talk Foodie to me! Addison restaurants and local concessionaires bring their top gourmet and international dishes to the festival. From Taste Bites, to full size items as well as a variety of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages Taste Addison has something for every palette.

Eats & Drinks

Chow Hall

Fulfill your cravings at our outdoor dining hall with over a dozen food stalls all under the same roof. The Chow Hall features signature dishes AND a Taste Bite of each.
Eats & Drinks

Tasty Truck Stop

It's a stop you want to make if food trucks are more your vibe. With a variety of sweet and savory food options, picnic tables and yard games it's a stop you must make! Just look for the traffic light --- and food trucks of course!
Eats & Drinks

WorldEats Street

Get a taste of various places around the world on WorldEats Street! Addison restaurants and local concessionaires offer their top cuisines for a taste of Cuba, Greece, Italy and more! Bon appétit!
Eats & Drinks

Pop-Up Restaurants

Some of Addison's staple restaurants bring their signature vibes to Taste Addison. Check out these pop-ups and experience special decor, activities, seating, and most importantly yummy dishes.

Tasting Hut

Just want a taste -- for free? Make your way to the Tasting Hut for a variety of exhibitors, vendors and restaurants providing complimentary samples of their product.